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Beacon Specialized Living (BSLS) began as a small company in the state of Michigan, focusing on helping Individuals by providing the highest level of support. It was also intended to help them live their fullest and best life possible. Founded in 1998, 25 years later, the company is still going stronger than ever and has expanded to other locations: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio. Each state has their specialty, and here is the breakdown.

It takes a team to create success. BSLS maintains a robust medical team, clinicians, home managers, direct support professionals, and many others that aid in the success of each home. Together, they are a team of compassionate employees who truly care for our Individuals. Bonds are created and strengthened through action, elevating each of our hundreds of locations to a standard of quality that you can trust. Beacon Specialized Living wants to see our people-supported grow in happiness and personal success. It truly is about Individuals living their very best life. It’s also about having staff that is compassionate and is excited about helping others. Teamwork is what makes everything possible at Beacon.

Caring for Mental Health Individuals



Since the inception of Beacon Specialized Living Services, Michigan still provides the same level of service that our customers have come to know and trust. For over 20 years we’ve continued a tradition of excellence, leading the state in specialized adult care.

Included in our services are 24/7/365 direct care staff that ensure the safety and wellbeing of those we serve. Throughout the year we provide opportunities for growth, education, and entertainment. Staff provide meals, transport our individuals to medical appointments, organize events such as field days, movie nights, and community outings. Learn more about our services below.

  1. Specialized Adult Care
  2. Medical & Psychiatric Services
  3. Clinical Care
  4. Youth Crisis Program


We operate many homes in and around the Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro area. All of our Minnesota locations are a one-up/one-down program, with no state-run facilities. Each home is staffed with 24/7/365 direct care specialists that attend to our individuals’ needs.

  1. Specialized Adult Care
  2. Youth Services
  3. Clinical Care
  4. Medical & Psychiatric Services
  5. Senior Living Solutions
  6. In-Home Support


An extension of our services in Minnesota, we offer the same care model with the exception of youth service availability. We operate two homes currently; one in Eau Claire, and one in Chippewa Falls.

  1. Specialized Adult Care
  2. Medical & Psychiatric Services
  3. Clinical Care
  4. In-home Support


Formerly Minamyer Residential Care, Beacon – Ohio offers a suite of services to both adult and juvenile individuals. Here, we offer a variety of programs in-house, meaning that Beacon staff work with individuals in the comfort of their home.

We assist many of our individuals on a daily basis with activities such as personal, care, remote support, and adult day support.

  1. Community-Based Day Programs
  2. Multisystem Youth Program
  3. Crisis Residential Care
  4. Supported Living Services
  5. Integrated Care Facilities


Operating primarily in the Scranton and Allentown areas of southeast Pennsylvania, Beacon – Keystone focuses on specialized adult care, supported employment, and a very active day program.

Our staff help developmentally disadvantaged people-supported with daily tasks in addition to supporting a work program geared at developing independence.

  1. Specialized Adult Care
  2. Resident & Community Supports
  3. Supported Employment
  4. Supports Brokering Program

New Jersey

Our homes in New Jersey echo the services offered in Pennsylvania. Adult specialized care of our serious mental illness (SMI) and intellectual & developmentally disabled (IDD) populations of individuals.

  1. Supports Coordination
  2. Work First State
  3. Resident & Community Supports


  • Jenn Straka

    Jennifer holds a BA in English & Communications from Western Michigan University, focusing on marketing and sales. With over a decade of experience, she brings a fresh lens to Beacon's events and activities, helping the individuals we serve through acts of kindness wherever she goes.

    Compliance & Marketing Assistant