Measuring Success

Our Person Centered
Approach to Care

Embracing best practices and evidence-based methods, we are committed to providing respectful, compassionate care tailored to each individual’s needs and not their diagnosis, and helping every individual reach their highest level of independence.

What Person Centered Means to Us

We meet or exceed the current standards set by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for person-centered planning and care.

Gentle Teaching

We provide a culture of care with consistency and structure in a compassionate manner, ensuring individuals feel valued and cared for.

Trauma Informed Care

We create and facilitate positive, supportive environments to help individuals feel physically comfortable and safe.

Freedom of Choice

We support freedom of choice for daily living experiences such as meals, visitors, and sleep schedules.

Ensured Access to Care

We coordinate and integrate needed mental and physical health services, medication compliance, administration, and monitoring.

Community Integration

We foster community engagement to build a sense of connectedness in the lives of the people we serve.

Comfort and Safety

Our approach to care promotes an environment and culture of safety and healing.

Emotional Support

We listen to the individuals we support and tailor our work to what’s important to and for them.

Skill Development

Everything we teach and do is in an effort to help individuals live as independently as possible.

Improving Behaviors

We get to the root of challenging behaviors and work with individuals to make positive changes.

In-Home Supportive Services

Part of our continued focus on independence includes providing in-home services, support, and training to help individuals live in their own homes or to assist family members and caregivers in providing quality care for their loved ones.

Our Person Centered Methods are Tailored to In-Home Levels of Care

Individuals, their family members, and their caregivers have the following special support features.

In-Home Family Support

We provide essential support to families (including extended family members), to help them continue or resume caring for a loved one.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

We are available for on-call counseling, problem solving, and immediate, in-home assistance with health or personal emergencies.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

We offer in-home staff support on a daily basis for challenging behaviors and medical or physical needs.

Short-Term & Crisis Respite

We provide necessary care services or intervention when a person’s primary caregiver is absent or needs relief, or a medical/behavioral crisis arises.

ILS Training

We offer in-home training and assistance with independent living skills including hygiene and basic housekeeping.

Adult Foster Care Homes

We provide specialized residential adult foster care in licensed and unlicensed settings. Our ongoing residential care and supportive services for adults are individualized based on the needs of each person as identified in their unique support plan.

Beacon Is a Place to Call Home

Our caregiver homes offer safe, comfortable, family-style community living.

ILS Training

We offer training and assistance with independent living skills including hygiene and basic housekeeping.


Individuals are taken to appointments, shopping, visitations or community events.

Financial Assistance

We help residents obtain financial assistance and maintain their personal financial affairs.

Personal Care Services

Our staff assists with basic needs and daily self-care, like bathing, tooth brushing, toileting, etc.

Medication Compliance

Our staff ensures medication compliance, administration, and monitoring.

Healthy Eating

Our staff ensures home-prepared nutritious meals and snacks and accommodate specialized dietary needs.

Crisis Intervention

Our staff provides counseling, problem solving and immediate intervention — on call 24/7 for health or personal emergency assistance.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

Our staff tends to challenging behaviors, medical and physical needs, and life skills on a daily basis.

Care Coordination

We coordinate and integrate needed mental health and physical health services.

Community Integration

We coordinate community programs, recreational activities, recovery groups, and more.

Community Living Supports

We teach and encourage individuals to live independently and participate actively in their foster community.

Youth Services

We care for young individuals with a wide range of emotional, physical, and mental health needs. By providing nurturing, compassionate care, stability, advocacy, and care coordination on both a short and long-term basis and in times of crisis, we tailor youth services to those in need.

Child Respite Services

Session I: 3:00 p.m. Sunday – 11:00 a.m. Wednesday
Session II: 3:00 p.m. Wednesday – 11:00 am Sunday


We provide positive and enriching respite care to children when they need a break from their typical routines or their primary caregivers are unavailable. It’s our goal that the young people we serve look forward to respite and visit routinely as needed.

More Details

Centrally located and close to many activities, our respite sessions offer enrichment activities, community engagement and more:

  • • 1:1 staffing during the day with awake overnight staff.
  • • Services geared towards people’s interests and what is important to them.
  • • Opportunities to explore and try new things — movies, libraries, parks, shopping, etc.
  • • Self-reflection writing exercises to enrich time in and away from respite.


These services are available to children aged 5-17 years in Minnesota only.
They are typically covered under individuals’ waivers (set up by their case manager),
however private pay and county pay are also options.

Child Foster Care

We provide ongoing residential care and supportive services in family and corporate foster care licensed settings to children younger than 18 years old who cannot be cared for in their biological or adoptive homes.

Child Foster Crisis Services

We offer short-term placement to help young individuals in times of urgent need. Considering what is important to and for them, we provide structured supports to help stabilize and transition them to less restrictive models of care.

These services are licensed to support children aged up to 18. Referrals are done in partnership with the Metro Crisis Coordination Program through Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres.

Clinical Services

Clinical staff are integral to the day to day support for our residents. They lead group and individual therapies, write and monitor individualized behavior treatment plans under the supervision of multiple behavior treatment committees, and providing ongoing training and support to in-home staff.

Our Clinical Team Includes Licensed & Certified Staff

We have licensed masters social workers, limited license masters social workers, limited license psychologists and professional counselors, and board-certified behavior analysts.

Motivational Interviewing

We use a psychotherapeutic approach to motivate our residents, moving them from indecision or uncertainty to positive decision-making, goal-setting, and achievement.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This informed individual or group psychotherapeutic treatment enables people to identify and change thought patterns that negatively influence behavior and emotions.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

A form of cognitive behavioral treatment, this informed group or individual therapy teaches mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.

Seeking Safety

This individual or group therapy teaches coping skills that apply to both trauma and addiction, giving residents a new level of safety in their behaviors, emotions and relationships with others. 

Pet Visitation

We allow animal-assisted therapy and activities to help people recover from or better cope with health problems and mental health disorders.

Medical & Psychiatric Services

Coordination and integration of care are important to our person-centered approach. That’s why we have nurses and psychiatrists on staff, and nursing staff are an integral part of the day to day support of our residential programs.

Nursing staff are assigned to Districts and oversee:

  • Intake, Triage & Injections
  • Semi-Annual AIMS Assessments
  • Annual Healthcare Appraisals
  • Annual Nursing Assessments
  • Medical & Specialty Training

Our contracted psychiatrist provides:

  • Quarterly Medication Reviews
  • Annual Resident Evaluations
  • On-Call, After Hours, Crisis Assistance

Supported Employment & Job Coaching

We work with individuals on developing the skills & abilities necessary to pursue employment.  Our employment services include; Job Coaching, Job Development, Career and Community Based Work Assessments, Transitional Services and Small Group Employment.

Supported Employment

Assist individuals in seeking and obtaining competitive employment within their desired field (using career assessments, etc.). Services are provided in a community integrated setting, with co-workers and supervisors who do not have disabilities. The employee earns competitive wages, at or above, minimum wage.

  • Job Coaching – assists individuals with one-on-one job training, ensuring specific requirements of the job are met to the employer’s satisfaction. Assistance and guidance may be provided in work related activities such as negotiating work hours and understanding employer policies, as well as developing appropriate work related interpersonal skills and behaviors. Travel training can also be provided, ensuring the individual can safely use public transportation getting to and from work.
  • Community Based Work Assessments – provides an individual who has little to no previous work experience with an opportunity to try out a position in a supervised setting related to their employment goals. Participants explore their interests and skills working alongside employees under the guidance of a job coach. Assessment sites are available in a broad range of occupations and customized sites can be developed.

Transitional Services

  • Job Shadow – allows the youth to gain a real understanding of a particular job/s in a field of their choosing. They will have the ability to follow along, observe, and converse with a trained professional. Through their interactions they can then determine if they have a real interest in the job, and if they want to further their career in that field.
  • Paid Work Experience – transition age youth are able to work in a field of their choosing for a pre-determined length of time, gaining real-life work experience. A Job Coach provides on-site support throughout the experience, allowing the individual to build confidence, independence and skill development.

Small Group Employment

Consists of a small team of individuals, working in a community-based setting, continuously supervised by a job coach. Small Group Employment service options include mobile work force, work station in industry, affirmative industry, and enclave. Small Group Employment also includes supporting the individual with personal care needs that cannot be provided with the support from coworkers or other natural supports.Transportation is typically provided to and from the employer.

Adult Adoption

Providing a home and supports to an individual with intellectual disabilities is a commitment of time, resources, and of the heart. Life Sharing through Family Living is an option available to individuals with intellectual and development disabilities who want to live as part of a family.

Benefits of Becoming a Life Sharing Provider:

  • • Development of life-long relationships.
  • • Make a difference in the life of the person you serve & your own life as well.
  • • Monthly tax free stipend and Room & Board for each consumer they host.
  • • Ongoing training, information, and consultation to host families.
  • • Monthly Monitoring / Support meetings within the home to answer any questions, review care needs and plan for the future.
  • • 24 hour supervisory support should an emergency, question or concern arise.

Qualifications on Becoming a Life Sharing Provider:

Life Sharing providers will be required to complete an application process and upon approval, be required to attend annual training.


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