Person Centered Planning & Care


We offer a variety of services and supports tailored to each individual’s needs and not their diagnosis. We support freedom of choice for daily living experiences such as meals, visitors, and sleep schedules. We promote opportunities to pursue community activities, develop new skills and practice positive behaviors.


Training and assistance of independent living skills including hygiene and basic housekeeping.

Medication Compliance

Medication compliance, administration, and monitoring.

Care Coordination

Coordination of needed mental health and physical health services.


Transportation to appointments, shopping, visitations or community events.

Healthy Eating

Home-prepared nutritious meals and snacks including specialized dietary needs.

Community Integration

Coordination of community programs, recreational and leisure activities, recovery groups, and other consumer requests.

Financial Assistance

Obtaining financial assistance and maintaining personal financial affairs.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention and support.

Clinical Services


Throughout our programming, we use evidence-based therapies that have been rigorously evaluated through authenticated studies with treatment and control group designs to help individuals progress and achieve their highest level of function.

Culture of Gentleness

Developed by the Center for Positive Living Support, these values make it possible to support a person in moments of stress. When people feel safe, valued, and empowered, they become active participants in their own lives.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

A highly effective type of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy that helps teach four sets of behavioral skills: mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation.

Pet Visitation

Animal-assisted therapy and activities that help people recover from or better cope with health problems and mental health disorders.

Person-Centered Living

We meet or exceed the current standards set by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for person-centered planning to ensure each individual's health and long-term needs reflect their individual preferences and goals.

Community Living Supports

Guidance, direction, and training that help individuals live independently and participate actively in the community.

Personal Care Services

Our staff assists individuals with activities of daily living, self-care, and basic needs, such as bathing, tooth brushing, toileting, etc.

Wellness Action Recovery Program (WRAP)

A group intervention that guides individuals though a process of identifying and understanding their personal wellness goals and helps them develop individualized plans to manage their mental illness.

Seeking Safety

For individuals with a history of trauma or substance abuse, we focus on psycho-education and coping skills using evidence-based cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, and case management tools.

Child Foster Care Crisis Services


The goal of our Child Foster Care Crisis Services (Minnesota only) is to provide person centered supports to individuals who are in a crisis situation and unable to remain in their current placement.

In our holistic approach we partner with the person and their team to provide services that take into consideration what is important to and for them while providing the structured supports that will help stabilize and prepare them to move into a less restrictive model of care. This program is licensed to support children aged up to 18.

Our Crisis Services are a short-term placement which provides individualized stabilization to ensure a successful transition. This referrals for this program are done in partnership with the Metro Crisis Coordination Program through Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres.

Child Respite Services


Our Child Respite Services (Minnesota only) are designed to provide a positive and enriching respite care for children aged 5–17 years who need a place to be when their primary caregivers are unavailable or who just need a break from their typical routine.

Our program is centrally located and close to many activities giving people the opportunity to be out and about while also being well stocked with fun things to do at home! Highlights of our services include:

  • 1:1 staffing during the day with awake overnight staff
  • Respite runs 3:00 pm Sunday – 11:00 am Wednesday OR 3:00 pm Wednesday – 11:00 am Sunday
  • Services geared towards people’s interests, likes, and what is important to them
  • Opportunities to explore and try new things including different community events and activities such as going to movies, libraries, parks, zoo, malls, etc.
  • People will work on developing one page descriptions for themselves to enrich their time there as well as their time away from our children’s respite program.

It is our hope to develop a relationship with the people we are supporting where they look forward to their time in respite and visit routinely as needed. Respite services are typically covered under individual waivers however private pay and county pay are also options. People should connect with their case managers to get this set up in their waiver.

For more information on our children’s respite services please email Heidi Mangan at or by phone at 651-451-2889, ext. 112.

Housing Access Coordination


We offer Housing Access Coordination (Minnesota only) to help people who are in the need of finding a first home or in the process of transitioning to a new home.

Our housing access coordinator meets with people individually to provide support and assistance with the goal of finding a home a that is affordable and in a community that meets the persons needs.

Using our person-centered approaches Housing Access Coordination at Beacon provides support before and throughout the moving process including:

  • Help determining eligibility for economic support and public housing options
  • Researching affordable housing options
  • Assistance completing rental application, lease agreements, and meeting with landlords
  • Support in developing household budgets
  • Support and assistance in finding affordable housing items including furniture and other household needs
  • Moving and packing assistance including finding movers and securing moving assistance vouchers

For more information on Housing Access Coordination please contact Jane Ferdowsi at

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