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Community Foundation for Mason County has one goal: “Making our community a strong, healthier, more vibrant place to live.”

Our Beacon – MI Ludington home was recognized by a guardianship program by the local “Community Foundation for Mason County” as a working member of the community “Spreading kindness and making our community a happier place to live” in February 2024. The foundation surprised the home with a visit at the Beacon home in Ludington. They brought cookies and asked to share some general information about what we do here at Beacon Specialized Living. Our Individuals and staff enjoyed the cookies and spending time with several of the foundation members.

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“What a truly joyful experience!” – Ashley Kelsey, Home Manager

Not only is the Community Foundation for Mason County a great program at making the community a better place to live, but our people-supported love to volunteer for the program. Two of our Individuals partake in the program. There are many ways to volunteer and they have many community nonprofits to choose from.

  • Caring for animals
  • Visiting and doing activities with senior citizens
  • Going to schools to support events and activities
  • Cleaning up state parks
  • Event planning and coordination

However someone wants to get involved in their local community, there are plenty of ways to partake. Make a choice and find a way to volunteer! That’s what our team at the Ludington home is all about. What an honor to be recognized for great work from the Community Foundation directly.

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Why get involved with volunteering?

Volunteering at all age-levels is a great activity because it helps people feel a sense of purpose while engaging with others and promoting positivity for a personal belief. Volunteering teaches new skills while adding a level of excitement and fun. While meeting new people, volunteering improves social skills and gets people out of their standard comfort zones. It also builds personal growth and brand development.

The recognition process for our Beacon Home at Ludington was through a partnership with Blue Hat Ministries to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. Blue Hat Ministries wanted to recognize groups of people who are often overlooked such as caregivers, residents at adult foster care locations, and people in semi-independent homes. They stopped to say hello and learned more from our Direct Support Professionals and shared conversations with our people-supported. This story, in turn, was shared with Community County for Mason County. The whole experience was truly a blessing for everyone involved.

It goes to show the power of Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Though we officially celebrate Random Acts of Kindness in the United States every February, it doesn’t mean we should only do it in February. Every day should be a reason to celebrate and give back. Showing kindness at home, in a gym, at school, while at work, out in public, wherever we are is important.

“Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have”


Being an advocate should happen whenever someone needs extra help. Compassion and kindness go a long way. It’s the Beacon way to step up and show empathy and be there for one another. If ideas are needed how to show kindness, here is a list of 87 ways to be loving and kind. Reviewing this list may not only give a few extra ideas to help those around but it also describes many ways Beacon staff help their people-supported.

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman


  • Jenn Straka

    Jennifer holds a BA in English & Communications from Western Michigan University, focusing on marketing and sales. With over a decade of experience, she brings a fresh lens to Beacon's events and activities, helping the individuals we serve through acts of kindness wherever she goes.

    Compliance & Marketing Assistant