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Clinical Services

Clinical staff are integral to the day to day support for our residents. They lead group and individual therapies, write and monitor individualized behavior treatment plans under the supervision of multiple behavior treatment committees, and providing ongoing training and support to in-home staff. These services are offered in Michigan.

Our Clinical Team Includes Licensed & Certified Staff

We have licensed masters social workers, limited license masters social workers, limited license psychologists and professional counselors, and board-certified behavior analysts.

Motivational Interviewing

We use a psychotherapeutic approach to motivate our residents, moving them from indecision or uncertainty to positive decision-making, goal-setting, and achievement.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This informed individual or group psychotherapeutic treatment enables people to identify and change thought patterns that negatively influence behavior and emotions.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

A form of cognitive behavioral treatment, this informed group or individual therapy teaches mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.

Seeking Safety

This individual or group therapy teaches coping skills that apply to both trauma and addiction, giving residents a new level of safety in their behaviors, emotions and relationships with others. 

Pet Visitation

We allow animal-assisted therapy and activities to help people recover from or better cope with health problems and mental health disorders.

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