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Beacon Specialized Living serves adults who have serious mental illnesses, autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities. Individuals served by Beacon fall into a broad spectrum as it pertains to their needs, abilities, desires, histories and competencies.

All of Beacon’s homes and programs are based on trauma-informed principles. We help our residents begin a successful placements by using the Adult Behavior Checklist, which identifies their unique strengths and traits in order to place them in the most compatible home.

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For referral questions, please see our FAQ or call (269) 427-8400 ext. 208.

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Frequently Asked


What is included in specialized residential?
24/7 staff, nurses on call, case manager, and psychiatric services.

Do you bill directly to Medicare/Medicaid?
No, a CMH counselor will manage to bill with Medicare/Medicaid.

How do I find openings?
Contact Natasha directly by callingĀ (269) 427-8400 ext. 208 or sign up for our newsletter.