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Improving Lives at Beacon

“I have worked for Beacon for almost 9 years and enjoy building relationships with amazing residents and staff. It is defiantly an amazing team to be apart of and has been a huge part of my life for nearly the last decade. Beacon is an amazing company to work for with tons of opportunity for growth and development. The staff and people I work with are very compassionate and caring individuals who strive to help our residents on a daily basis to help give them the best lives possible. Beacon goes above and beyond trying to engage our residents with in house activities and spirit days along with activities and outings outside of the home.”

“I work with an outstanding group of people at Beacon! We work collaboratively to brainstorm new ideas, evaluate current programs and systems, and problem solve challenges. Our focus is on helping each client learn and grow to live his or her best life. I have had opportunities to help start several new programs to support some individuals with challenging needs, seeing them living successfully in these settings makes me proud to be a part of the team that made that possible. My job is full of challenges, but the rewards of watching both clients and staff grow and develop new skills makes it all worth it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, call (269) 427-8400 ext. 208.

Who do I contact to find openings?

For Michigan, contact Natasha directly by calling (269) 427-8400 ext. 208.

For Minnesota, contact Heidi directly by calling (651) 278-4645 ext. 112.

For Pennsylvania, contact Paige directly by calling (570) 702-8048 or emailing

For New Jersey, contact Paige directly by calling ​(570) 702-8048 or emailing

Do you bill directly to Medicare/Medicaid?

No, a CMH counselor will manage to bill with Medicare/Medicaid.

What is included in specialized residential?

24/7 staff, nurses on call, case manager, and psychiatric services.