Partnership opportunities are what help us thrive. Growing our team is a vital part of providing the best support for the people we serve.

Beacon is a fast growing, high-quality, multi-state home and community-based provider serving individuals with severe mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities that many times include complex medical conditions. At this time, we are accelerating our efforts to expand our portfolio by identifying other quality providers that are also deeply committed to supporting special populations in their communities. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Beacon is a national platform with a neighborhood feel. We have earned a reputation for high quality and compassionate care.

Special needs residents and caretaker smiling

If you are interested in becoming a part of something bigger, Beacon is here.  Our organization is more diversified to hedge against the risk of a changing landscape while keeping the care of your residents uninterrupted.  Or, if your priority is putting the success of your legacy operations into good hands when it’s time to retire, Beacon is your best option.  We are seeking new opportunities to expand our services while continuing to help others achieve their dreams.

Our Services

Beacon has built a diverse offering of behavioral services that enables us to partner with local communities and governments and tailor solutions to their needs. In every instance, we develop person-centered plans and evidence-based programs to improve the wellbeing function and independence of those we serve. We specialize in difficult cases that require special staffing and personalized environments. What is a storm for others, is our calm.

Strategic Partnership

We’re looking to align our organizational values with others around the country, and we accomplish this by a streamlined process that can tailor options for new partners. Our strategy incorporates a transparent lens into the metrics that dictate value, integration, and the stewardship of your business. We invite you to sit down with our leadership team and discuss how Beacon Specialized Living Services can help your organization thrive, to better serve those we support. Beacon is always open to new lines of services to enrich our current services.

Why Beacon?


Wealth creation with ongoing incentives or options.


Rich healthcare, 401(k), vision, and dental benefits.


Succession planning for your next dance.


Improved competencies for serving high-acuity consumers.


Retention of your legacy, people, and quality.


Capital for infrastructure, improvements, and growth.


Employee advancement from market expansion and growth.


Margin expansion from automation and scale.


Improved rates and contracting.


Dedicated growth team to expand services and markets.


Improved training, wages, benefits, and retention incentives.


Managed care strategies, defenses, or partnerships.

Best Practices - What We Bring

  • Billing and collections
  • Accounting and finance
  • Building lease and landlord management

  • Vendor management
  • Marketing programs
  • Fleet management, insurance, and GPS telematics

In The Words Of Our Business Partners


Harrison Thomas

Chief Growth Officer at Beacon

(269) 585-0595

Begin The Conversation

We encourage you to reach out and start discussing your potential.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss steps and timing in regard to our merger and acquisition process.  As people who are passionate about our industry, we truly love discussing any and all potential adult day care and home health care opportunities.