Bringing Joy and Safety to our Homes

In the modern world of medicine nurses are a necessity! With a compassionate hand, this special cadre of caregivers goes above and beyond to meet with those we support, learning everyone by name, their diagnoses, and how best to manage their care. Individuals at our Beacon homes love when nurses visit because they brighten morale and spirits along with keeping everyone healthy and jolly. Beacon nurses do what they love because it’s their passion.

A senior citizen in a wheelchair being helped by a female nurse.

When the community asks “why consider Beacon Specialized Living” for a loved one who needs specialized care, immediately think about Beacon nurses and staff! The medical team alone is a great reason to provide safety, health, education, training for a loved one, and a prolonged quality life. The best thing anyone can ask for in life is a quality, blessed, and happy life.

What is a nurse? “The fundamentals of nursing involve direct patient care and act as an advocate and health educator for patients, families, and communities.” With quality education and years of field experience, our staff ensures knowledge for all patient’s medical history, current conditions, and provides best recommendations and treatment at all times while under their direct care.

“The fundamentals of nursing involve direct patient care and act as an advocate and health educator for patients, families, and communities.”

The Mayo Clinic, College of Medicine and Science

Responsibilities at Beacon

  • Reviewing medical history/track all diagnoses and medical treatments
  • Closely work with team members and patients
  • Conduct physical exams, administer medications, monitor patient health
  • Educate staff and patients about illnesses/care/trainings/inventory
  • Monitor inventory and send in prescriptions
  • Be the happy nurse that brightens everyone’s day! (they just usually are incredibly happy)

For more information on nurses making a difference, here is a great read that describes why nurses are incredible. Many staff have started their career and gone back to school- several to become a CNA. So, if you are interested in a career as a nurse it’s a great opportunity. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows why it’s all the more reason to become a nurse in our current economy.

Choose Beacon for Your Loved One

Why is Beacon the right choice for you and your family? Begin with our nurses! They are the backbone of the healthcare industry, especially at Beacon. The care provided from our medical team is exceptional, they go above and beyond on a daily basis, and our staff of nurses truly have the best interest at heart for your family and loved ones. Have questions? Ask, and choose Beacon today!

  • Caring and compassionate individuals
  • Advocate and empathetic
  • Detail-oriented and quality communicator
  • Clever, problem-solver, quick thinker, can handle pressure
  • Positive attitude, willing to learn and grow, be culturally aware and sensitive to patient diversity
  • Committed to the best for patient outcomes and results
A group of three adults with Beacon shirts smiling for the camera.


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