Sometimes we have an undeniable calling in life! This is an Individual who is a self-taught artist, who loves to draw, sculpt, paint, and sew. He is incredibly talented, and we would like to highlight how amazing he is as well as his artistic abilities. Located within our Valley View Homes (in Wisconsin), Pheng Vue is a prolific artist. His talent in the arts spans a broad range of mediums. Check out some of his amazing creations!







What’s incredible is how down-to-earth Pheng is. He is one of the nicest gentlemen you will meet. He really enjoys creating the art and then giving his projects as gifts to friends. He enjoys being outside and soaking in the beautiful weather, hearing the birds chirp, going for walks, being in touch with nature. Being grounded and centered with nature is important. Pheng also enjoys the tranquility of the lake and fishing for bluegill. So, its a great day to get out and go fishing when he can. Again, it’s making sure to understand the value and importance of being calm, being in touch with surroundings, understanding people, and taking the energy and beauty and masterfully putting it into a work of art. He enjoys his comics, and he has a great sense of humor. He loves putting things together to see how they work. He’s not afraid to try new things. In essence, it helps lead to a beautiful outlook and great artwork. He is wise for his years and a delight to be around, and it shows with the art he displays.


With a cultured background, Pheng is both English speaking and Hmong. Being bilingual, he will occasionally teach us variations of words and saying. The DSPs like to learn and relate to our people-supported. When our Individuals are good teachers, we like to become the students and listen. So, it’s fun learning from Pheng. And of course, when he speaks with this family, he will usually speak in his native dialect; it’s nice to know that he is 100% comfortable being exactly who he is in his own home.


Pheng has come along way with developing his skills. From opening up to being comfortable with his art skills and creating art on the daily now, he is a special Individual with a big heart, who is kind and caring, and we absolutely love him. He’s all about his arts and crafts and loves creating and sewing together mini stuffed creatures. Pheng especially enjoys painting and drawing. And of course, our most recent favorite of all, is his Pikachu clay sculpture. We hope you’ve enjoyed his art as much as we have.



Beacon Specialized Living partners with Keystone Artworks Gallery & Studio. This allows our Individuals like Pheng to showcase and sell their artwork. May 2024 they are having an art exhibit to showcase their exquisite artwork from all of our talented Individuals.


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