Beacon Specialized Living supports people with intellectual disabilities and mental health needs by giving them a voice in their lives.

Through the use of Person Centered Methods, we work with people to create a personalized life plan that will empower them to dream of a brighter future and fulfill their hopes while supporting health and safety needs.

We offer a full range of supports—from crisis services and in-home services, to individualized housing options, our goal is to consistently help the people we support improve their quality of life. The staff team at Beacon Specialized Living is passionate, positive and educated in providing each individual the tools and support to live richer lives.

Our passion for Person Centered Planning goes beyond the people we support to training and certifying people within the industry as well as parents and support networks. Person Centered Planning is the foundation that supports those in need of services, and it is our vision to raise up as many Person Centered Planners as we can, to support this community.

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