Services – Supported Employment

Supported Employment

We work with individuals on developing the skills & abilities necessary to pursue employment.  Our employment services include; Job Coaching, Job Development, Career and Community Based Work Assessments, Transitional Services and Small Group Employment.

Supported Employment and Job Coaching

We offer several services to help our clients in the workplace.

Supported Employment

Assist individuals in seeking and obtaining competitive employment within their desired field (using career assessments, etc.). Services are provided in a community integrated setting, with co-workers and supervisors who do not have disabilities. The employee earns competitive wages, at or above, minimum wage.

  • Job Coaching – assists individuals with one-on-one job training, ensuring specific requirements of the job are met to the employer’s satisfaction. Assistance and guidance may be provided in work related activities such as negotiating work hours and understanding employer policies, as well as developing appropriate work related interpersonal skills and behaviors. Travel training can also be provided, ensuring the individual can safely use public transportation getting to and from work.
  • Community Based Work Assessments – provides an individual who has little to no previous work experience with an opportunity to try out a position in a supervised setting related to their employment goals. Participants explore their interests and skills working alongside employees under the guidance of a job coach. Assessment sites are available in a broad range of occupations and customized sites can be developed.

Transitional Services

  • Job Shadow – allows the youth to gain a real understanding of a particular job/s in a field of their choosing. They will have the ability to follow along, observe, and converse with a trained professional. Through their interactions they can then determine if they have a real interest in the job, and if they want to further their career in that field.
  • Paid Work Experience – transition age youth are able to work in a field of their choosing for a pre-determined length of time, gaining real-life work experience. A Job Coach provides on-site support throughout the experience, allowing the individual to build confidence, independence and skill development.

Small Group Employment

Consists of a small team of individuals, working in a community-based setting, continuously supervised by a job coach. Small Group Employment service options include mobile work force, work station in industry, affirmative industry, and enclave. Small Group Employment also includes supporting the individual with personal care needs that cannot be provided with the support from coworkers or other natural supports.Transportation is typically provided to and from the employer.



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