Classes are done. Summer is here. Success!

Now it’s time to find a job…

Have you given any thought to what you want to do after graduation?

Some people have their lives all planned out with a 5-year, 10-year, or even 15-year plan. They know exactly what they want to do and where they want to go. But life doesn’t always follow a script, and plans can change. If you’re not one of those people who have a clear calling yet, that’s totally okay! Sometimes it takes meeting the right people, having the right conversations, or trying out different jobs before you find your true passion. The best part? You’re young, and now is the perfect time to explore and discover what excites you.

At Beacon Specialized Living, we’re part of the healthcare industry, providing 24-hour care for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. Our mission is to enrich the lives of the individuals we support by helping them see the best in themselves every day. We are dedicated to offering high-quality, compassionate, and evidence-based care to help them achieve their personal goals in a safe and healthy environment. Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) receive thorough training and certification. Home Managers are there to support and work alongside the team, ensuring that every day is bright and successful for both staff and individuals.

Here’s a short video featuring two of our Home Managers sharing their personal experiences: Beacon Staff Personal Stories

Why Work in Healthcare?

  • Flexibility: Enjoy a schedule that fits your life.
  • Job Security: Healthcare professionals are always in demand.
  • Rewarding Work: Make a positive impact every single day.
  • Financial Success: Competitive benefits, 401k, and high earning potential.
  • Diverse Careers: Explore roles in Clinical, Nursing, CNA, DSP, IT, Maintenance, HR, Accounting, Compliance, and more.
  • Travel Opportunities: If you love to travel, there are positions that can take you places.
  • Educational Advancements: Grow your skills with ongoing learning opportunities.
Nurse helping a woman in a wheelchair

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries. There is also a shortage of staff members, so there are always openings. Many companies are willing to train on-the-job experience. Plus, pharmacy services are increasing. US Healthcare in 2024 and beyond is increasing. Healthcare is only going to increase with time because people will always need doctors, nurses, and medicine. Especially as the Baby Boomers increase in age, the likeliness of homecare facilities needed will be on the rise. Quality homecare services (like Beacon) will be a place to have loved ones stay. Not only is Beacon Specialized Living a place for employment, but it is also a place of compassion and safety for all loved ones.

Start Your Rewarding Career with Beacon Specialized Living

Beacon is looking for dedicated advocates for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. We want people who show compassion, kindness, and genuine care. Team players who can work well with others and also take initiative are the perfect fit for us. A day in the home at Beacon is filled with diverse activities: traveling, laughing, cleaning, baking, building relationships with those you support, cooking, passing medications, enjoying fun activities, charting progress notes, doing laundry, supporting during meal times, and handling anything else needed to ensure a positive environment. No two days are the same. As one of our Home Managers puts it, “What you put into it, you will get back.” It truly can be a rewarding career with limitless opportunities for advancement.

Just take the first step and see what happens. Grow into your role—you might even decide to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) before you know it! Interested in what it takes to become a CNA? This link provides information on how to get certified in each state, with certification taking anywhere from 4-15 weeks. Check out the link to see our current career openings: Careers at Beacon Specialized Living.

Do you know a high school or college graduate looking for a job?

Do you know someone who needs a career change?

Beacon Specialized Living is always looking for talented individuals with high energy, empathy, initiative, compassion, and a willingness to make a difference. Join us and start a career where every day brings new opportunities and rewards.


  • Jenn Straka

    Jennifer holds a BA in English & Communications from Western Michigan University, focusing on marketing and sales. With over a decade of experience, she brings a fresh lens to Beacon's events and activities, helping the individuals we serve through acts of kindness wherever she goes.

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