Person holding flag with Beacon Champion Flag Pennant

Beacon Specialized Living is proud and excited to announce the beginning of a brand new program rolling out across every region starting October 3rd.

Our mission has always been to provide high-quality, gentle, compassionate, evidence-based care to help the people we serve reach their goals and live rich lives. Now, we’re providing additional training and empowering our Direct Support Professionals (DSP) to become Champions.

What Does it Mean to be a Champion?

“A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.”

At Beacon, it means showing kindness, humanity, grace, and generosity towards those we serve each and every day. Starting October 3rd, our DSPs will embody the meaning of Champion and advocate for those who can’t.

DSPs with The Individuals They Serve Every Day

In addition to the pipeline of training to achieve the title ‘Direct Support Professional’, we now offer additional training in verbal communication, cultural diversity and appreciation, alternative communication methods, nonverbal communication interpretation, and listening skills. All these tools are paramount to building the trust and respect between Champion and Individual Served.

To us here at Beacon, being a Champion means many things. Most importantly, it means creating a positive rapport with those we serve, listening to their needs and goals, and paving the path forward to succeed. Here’s just a few things that our Champions will do for those under our care.

  • A caregiver that learns about their assigned Individual’s wants and needs
  • An advocate for the Individual’s right to live the life they want to live
  • A support that provides assistance with basic needs and the Individual’s activities they want to do

Of course, many activities in each of our homes supports, protects, and cares for the Individuals we Serve, but this program will ensure that they receive the intimate care they deserve. Ensuring that the basic needs of a DSP’s assigned Individual are being met in accordance with their wishes, including:

  • Clothing
  • Food selection
  • Providing personal care items
  • Completing individual activities
  • Room decoration, cleaning, and organization
  • And so much more

How do our DSPs and other support staff ensure that these needs, wants, and goals are being met? By our Person-Centered Approach to care of course! We do this through several ways…

  • Emphasizing the Individual’s strengths, assets, and abilities
  • Actively plan to craft the Individual’s desired life
  • Recognize new possibilities for the People we Support
  • Work with Individuals to build skills and community relationships

We can’t wait to see how this program will positively impact everyone in our organization and the great things to come from it. This is a leap forward in advocating for individual rights and bringing us together. For more information on the services offered by Beacon Specialized Living Services, click here.

For more information on the Beacon Champion program or our lines of service, please reach out to Alexander Furman, Director of Marketing, at


  • Alexander Furman

    Alex has been the Executive Director of Marketing for Beacon Specialized Living since 2021.