Kris Morse

We are excited to announce Kris Morse, our Activities and Community Director, located in Wisconsin. She is a bundle of joy and energy, she is caring and passionate, and she has great creative ideas we love to utilize in our Beacon homes.

Mural with Kris

Without further adieu, our time getting to know Kris!

What experiences do you feel positively reflect your current role?

I was hired July 2022 as the Activity Coordinator with Total Care Group (TCG). A decade was spent working with RCS Empowers, Inc. in the role as an Adaptive Activities Specialist. Within this role, I mentored our Day Service Instructors and assisted with Case Management. When a new individual would start our programming, and they wanted to take a specific class, I stepped in to help in the process of making sure the Individual experienced their hopeful reality- creating whatever adaptive aids and providing helpful hints to the instructor to guide each student so they would receive the most out of their chosen class. Other roles and responsibilities I have experienced: Costume/Prop Director with our annual play; this was a huge undertaking January through March- ending with five shows put on for the public every spring. I was also proud to be a cofounder of our local charter Aktion Club. Aktion Club is a Kiwanis-led program that helps adults with disabilities give back to their communities through service projects.

What is an enjoyable aspect of your position?

Being part of a great management team makes everything worthwhile. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as part of the Total Care Group team. We act as a family, and we care for those we serve like they are family- meaning our approach is the same. I am one part of the TCG/BSL team. We all keep in constant contact, we keep each other aware of recent happenings, we work really well together, and we always bounce ideas back and forth. Strong team bonds are important, especially in a role such as this. As we transition now as part of the BSL team our main mission remains the same: creating the family, home, and neighborhood feel for each individual we serve.

What creative activity do you like to host?

There are so many activities to experience, but I think I like the ones best where we all (staff and Individuals) sit down together getting to know one another. A personal favorite would include a Packer’s Party and Game Day; this involved an afternoon of various board and card games. The smiles, the laughter, the simple joys of being with one another and truly relating to the person on an individual level. We have also created thank you cards and gift bags for Teacher Appreciation Day. Our people-supported colored pictures to pass on to our Veterans in hospice on Veteran’s Day. We’ve had food drives benefiting area food banks and preparing and serving meals at local shelters. We have a strong connection among us and especially love giving back to our community.

What do you look forward to each day?

My favorite part of serving our Individuals is the complete and total honesty that they approach you with. Good or bad, each day, what you see is what you get, and that is so refreshing.

What is a goal as an Activities Director in 2024?

This year I plan to spend even more time in the homes working directly with staff to get everyone on the same page; seeing the importance of activities and socialization for everyone is crucial. Also, I am a creative person; art is one of my passions. The mind never shuts down. I share my ideas constantly. There are so many different types of people, be it staff or Individuals, that we serve. We all have something that makes us tick. So I keep sharing ideas incessantly as it always results in connections…eventually. You WILL hit on the right activity, for the right Individual, at some point, and that’s such a wonderful feeling when it finally occurs! I can’t wait to share joy and passion with not only my direct homes but the homes that are willing to participate in our community Beacon events as well this coming year.

Attached are a few more photos showing the creative projects Kris made possible with her team and people-supported.


Kris continues to collaborate as a Spirit Day Leader, she shares uplifting stories for our Beacon Bulletin, she provides detailed writings, and she gives creative ideas all the time.


• What can we do to get the homes involved in different types of activities?
• What will each person enjoy experiencing?
• What can we do in a public setting for a group event?


Life is meant to be experienced! It’s worthwhile to feel alive and live freely. Not only does Kris experience the best of times in her personal life, she brings her joy and excitement to her coworkers- as well as our BSL team. Kris, we couldn’t be more proud of you and all your accomplishments. We look forward to celebrating many more successes with each creative idea and activity you help present within all of our Beacon homes.