We Care

for everyone


Founded in 1978, our mission is to provide homes for vulnerable adults and support them to live as independently as possible by coordinating high quality, gentle, compassionate and evidence-based care.

We offer well-appointed residential settings providing 24-hour personal care, protection, and community living supports to adults with different needs including Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Co-occurring/SUD, Developmental Disabilities, Dementia, PTSD and Schizophrenia. Most residents need assistance if they:

  • Are unable to live without direct support
  • Exhibit high risk behaviors
  • Over-utilize emergency departments, public safety, and justice resources
  • Unsuccessfully respond to traditional and current services and benefits
How We Care

Our Values

We believe that everyone — regardless of their abilities — deserves to be a full member of their community. Our colleagues practice and serve our consumers by our I CARE values.

Act honestly, speak the truth and deliver on promises.

Be compassionate, caring and gentle in all that we do.

Encourage and invest in new ideas that elevate equality and community.

Encourage a variety of thoughts that reflect the diversity in our markets, customers, and workforce.

Consistently deliver high quality services that have a positive impact on our communities, our state and our country.

Letter from
OUR ceo


On any given day millions of people living with mental illness can be found wandering the streets, living in shelters, or serving time in jails or prisons. Many have unattended chronic conditions and display challenging behaviors that further compound the adverse effects on their health, wellbeing and society-at-large.

Traditional health plan networks and systems of care are not sufficiently serving these adults and their complex needs. They need new models of care and specialized services that address their basic needs of safe housing, healthy food, affordable transportation and “connectedness” with peers, caregivers and communities at-large. They need better coordination and integration of physical and mental health services.

Founded in 1978, Beacon Specialized Living has delivered compassionate care and exceptional value to individuals with severe mental illness, developmental disabilities, autism, chronic disease and substance use disorders. We offer a variety of well-appointed residential home options that provide comprehensive and supportive services matched to the needs of each consumer we serve.

Today, we continue to embrace best practices and evidence-based care and develop innovative approaches to better integrate services that address the “whole person” including their physical, mental, emotional and social needs. We are committed to helping each and every one of our consumers reach their highest level of independence possible and to do this, we are investing in more infrastructure, systems and people.

By providing safe and supportive homes and by engaging with people on terms they establish and willingly embrace, we are achieving astounding results by improving behaviors, medication compliance, daily function and independent living skills. All of this translates into enormous economic value for the communities we serve lowering the total costs of care including frequent hospitalizations, impaired productivity and excessive public safety, social services, and justice system costs.

Beacon is filling a huge void in today’s healthcare system and I am proud of our entire staff and for the outstanding work they do every day. Every day we are working hard to be the leading and preferred provider of choice by consumers, community agencies, families and payors throughout the state.

— Darren W. Hodgdon