Making sure to choose healthier foods, balancing the meals with vegetables, proteins, and fruits, smaller portion sizes, becoming knowledgeable in the kitchen, and exercising regularly – especially walks, has been a focal point in the homes regarding health. Lowering BMIs has been another huge focal point.

The rewards include many Individuals experiencing more energy, feeling good, weight loss, new routines, and a lowered BMI. A whopping 72% of homes are now in the healthy range. What an incredible difference! When staff are held accountable, menus are followed, and people-supported are participating it creates an environment for positivity and increased health improvements. Employees and Residents obtain their MY25 Certificates of Achievement. An impressive feat for everyone involved, this program includes training, tutorials, running reports, and executing meal plans for residents.

MY25 is a foolproof mealtime toolkit that streamlines menu planning, grocery shopping, and recipe preparation with supports and customization for any individual.

“I really believe in MY25 because I’ve seen its success. It’s possible; residents and staff just have to put in the work” says Lisa Summerhill, Director of Nutrition Services. “We have already seen so much success with staff involvement. The more MY25 knows about your residents, the more customized your menu can be, and customized menus makes for happy residents!”

Even with special dietary restrictions, the MY25 program has seen success across the board. Residents who are under or over their target weight, diabetic, have allergies, and other considerations are taken into account during the program, and MY25 staff are specially trained to develop appropriate meal plans to help residents succeed in their fitness goals.

A testament to the program and guidance under the tutelage of Lisa S. and Lisa B., residents are seeing weight loss and an improvement in their quality of life.

The Beacon team looks forward to more positive results in the future with a promising outlook from several other homes.

From both the My25 president & CEO, and the dedicated staff at Beacon, you’ve all made remarkable progress regarding health improvement, which means that your quality of life is going up! You’re focused on eating the right foods in the right amounts, which is the number one way to better health. We greatly admire you all and respect you for these fantastic accomplishments. Each and every one of you are an incredible inspiration to others.


With a continued focus on health and exercise, Beacon staff does their best to inspire Individuals with quality meal prep and enjoyable athletics. It takes several months to build momentum and see the progress, but once the progress shows it continues in a positive way. For more information on how to get started in the MY25 program or start care at Beacon Specialized Living, contact information is as follows:

• Referrals Team:
• Lisa Summerhill, Director of Food Services:
• Jennifer Straka, Compliance & Marketing Assistant:




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