It wasn’t long ago the thought “fall is just around the corner” was in our minds. Fall isn’t around the corner anymore; it’s here and it’s time to celebrate! With fall comes the reminder of dreaded cold and holidays. Some people enjoy holidays while others wish to pass right through the season. Walk into any store, there’s a small section of Halloween decorations and now Christmas is becoming forefront; where did Thanksgiving go? All holidays should be celebrated, and at Beacon Specialized Living we’re here to make each season count –  starting with fall activities.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) support our Individuals through their good and bad days. They are our Beacon Heroes that save the day and help those we serve lead their best lives. As the weather gets colder and people start staying in, it can become frustrating not being able to just go do things. Activities are important! That’s why Beacon has a list of enjoyable ventures for everyone this October. Remember, it also depends on personal preference. If our Individuals want to specifically do something, DSPs will make it happen. In the Homes, getting a big blanket to snuggle and stay warm while turning the television on to watch a Halloween horror might be someone’s delight. Others might enjoy a cup of warm apple cider. Watching the changing of the seasons and the colored leaves can be relaxing.

Pumpkins are a fan favorite! We are launching the season with pumpkin fun. Grab those paints and get ready to make a smiley face. Will the face have a happy smile or a toothless grimace? Let your imagination run wild. We’re starting with Individuals painting pumpkins this season. If you want to join in on the fun Beacon too, comment below with your pics! It’s fun for ALL to share their pumpkin experiences.

Painting Pumpkins
Spooky Desserts

This is where it gets fun! Beacon Specialized Living has friendly competitions for our staff and home members. Spooky Desserts are the first contest during the week of October 10th. Then we have a Halloween Decoration contest the week of October 17th. And we end the month with a Halloween Costume contest the week of October 25th. Homes can expect to win trophies to display proudly in their homes and other fun prizes.

Our Individuals will be diving into the kitchen for creative baking during the second full week of October. Were you hoping to taste-test? That’s ok too! Maybe cake is a favorite, so how about crafting a dirt cake and then placing marshmallows on top in the shape of ghosts! Colored rice-crispy treats with eyeballs; is it Frankenstein or a monster? Maybe we’ll make a chocolate cupcake with bubbling green fruit topped with a witch’s hat for witch’s brew. Or have two chocolate chip cookies, red frosting for gums, with marshmallows and almonds as teeth to present the vampire mouth! Then there can be a graveyard cookie sheet. Or if not choosing to involve anything creepy, orange pudding with eyeballs on top makes a pumpkin or friendly orange-colored monster in a small glass. Creativity reigns at the Beacon Homes.

After decorating treats, Beacon encourages our Individuals and staff to decorate their homes. Are we decorating inside or outside? Will it be sweet and delicate or will it be daunting and filled with horror? This all depends on Individual choices. Sometimes there are bails of straw out front, pumpkins lining the driveway, a scarecrow in the corner on the porch outside, bats hanging above, cobwebs in the bushes, with candle lights to give a dim glow to the entrance of the home. Maybe another home wants to have multiple skeleton people in the lawn, with a vampire standing at the door and his coffin out front, while fog creates a mist in front of the doorway, as music quietly plays which eerily entices guests to ring the bell. Inside there might be the smell of McIntosh apples from a candle, with a pot of beautiful mums, candy corn in the candy dish on the table, and a themed dining room tablecloth underneath the candy dish. This is the third full week of October. No matter what, our Individuals are ready for family and friends to come say hi once everything is baked and decorated.

Halloween Home Decorations
Halloween Costumes

The BIG Halloween event happens the last full week of October and that’s preparing getting into the Halloween costumes for Individuals and employees. Everyone has so much fun selecting outfits. Some want to be a werewolf. Others choose a skeleton suit. How about being a ghost buster or a witch? Again, this is personal preference. Sometimes it’s a simple shirt, maybe some face paints, adding a face mask with accessories, or some go all out. From head-to-toe, they may make you think twice and guess who they are! That’s the fun; it’s Halloween. And the night of trick-or-treating and passing out candy will conclude the Halloween Events.

We will also be having a Spirit Day event during the last week of the month to come together virtually. Employees and Individuals will can call into our virtual space, where we will participate from all locations, to have a celebration with the event chosen for the day.

If that’s not enough, there’s more! November is next. Stay tuned with our November events to discover what else Beacon Homes and employees will be doing this year. It’s all about enjoyment, safety, fun, and bringing family and friends together to enhance everyday lives.