It is an honor to be among the best of the best in the healthcare industry! These are people who have worked a lifetime to make achievements for Individuals with all sorts of illnesses. Our very own Jana Jones has been in this industry for over six years and she does everything she can to care for all the people she serves. Shelly Keinath has been in this industry for over four decades and she literally puts everyone first to help make their lives the best they can be. It’s wonderful to have resources and connections through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and on behalf of the staff at Beacon Specialized Living, we thank NAMI, their amazing support staff, and their mission as we say congratulations to all of the nominees!

NAMI is a non-profit organization that makes a difference in the lives of those living with mental health illnesses. It is an organization consisting of caring people who go above and beyond to advocate, educate, support, and show awareness with various organizations and with the public to show how people affected by mental illness can live improved, healthier lives. There are ways to utilize key concepts of recovery, be resilient, and offer support to ensure and improve a well maintained quality of life.

Every year, NAMI has an awards ceremony. This year, in Macomb County on April 13th, 2024, two of our very own were nominated at the NAMI award’s ceremony.

Jana Jones was nominated for Direct Care Professional. 

Jana speaks from the heart sharing how she didn’t think she would originally succeed at Beacon, and now Beacon means everything to her. Watch to learn more, and see how special the NAMI nominations are. For Jana, it’s an incredible honor that means everything to her.

Shelly Keinath was nominated for Administrator of the Year.

Shelly hasn’t been nominated once, but twice, as a NAMI nominee. Both times in attendance is an incredible honor to stand with an amazing community of professionals who do their best to make a positive impact in our community. Everything we do is based on respect. “What we put out, we get back.” Watch more to learn about her amazing story and her positive impact with everyone she works with.


Other Beacon Specialized Living staff that were considered for recognition through the Macomb County Community Mental Health Mental Health Matters Awards

Carolyn Beardsley

Brittney “Brandy” Parks

Kinshasa “Sasha” Simmons

TaPanga Thompson

Hanna Rickerd

National Alliance on Mental Illness Gala!

Congratulations to all the Nominees of 2024

Alexandra VinsonClaudia Diaz-ByrdLaJean Partmon
Amia AndersonCornelius FullerLela Stovall
Andrea DeshieldsCourtney CostelnockMia Apruzzese
Behavioral Health Strategy & PlanningDeborah MonroePaula McLain
Bethany BoikDr. George MellosPhil Pittman, PhD
Beverly J PatchettDr. Mary WelshQiana M Davis
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MichiganFranka ArcangeliSandra Duque
Breana LewisHeather MillerSheila Ellout
Bruce MorningstarJerri Nicole WrightTaren Growe
Cary BornJordana LatozasTiffany Roy, MA, LPC
Christina Polk, LPCKathy Chen, PsyDYolanda Amerine
Christine BuckKatrina OklerZainab Al-Modhafar
Cindy KanczuzewskiKristina Morgan 

Congratulations to all the winners of 2024!

  • Clinical Professional of the Year: Dr. Hasti Raveau
  • Direct Care Professional of the Year: Kevin Coney
  • Peer Support of the Year: Deundra Fuller
  • Physician/Psychiatrist of the Year: Robert Lagrou, DO
  • Nursing Professional of the Year: Nadine Atoui
  • Special Honoree: Kari D. Walker
  • Hospital/Managed Healthcare Organization of the Year: Trinity Health Grand Rapids
  • Administrator of the Year: Christine Burk
  • Secondary Educator of the Year: Matt Alley
  • Faith Leaders of the Year: Gerald & Carol Ervin
  • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year: Troy Goodnough
  • Special Honoree: Eric Hipple
  • I.B. Sendi MD Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Michele Reid, MD
  • Special Honoree: Eric Doeh
  • Advocate of the Year: VerTongie Kendrix Bailey
  • Youth Advocate of the Year: Hezekiah Anthony Bailey
  • Volunteer of the Year: Mary Ellen Judd
  • NAMI Affiliate of the Year: NAMI Detroit

May we continue to work together to make the world a better place, for one person at a time, and one day at a time, in hopes of bringing more awareness to the public about mental health awareness and how we can improve lives for a healthier, better life.


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