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Who is Beacon Specialized Living and what is your company’s philosophy?

Beacon Specialized Living is a national company that provides residential-based services, supported living programs, day program options, and other supports to children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Severe Mental Illness, Autism, and high-acuity behaviors. We are the best prepared provider to thrive in the future of value-based payments and integrated behavioral, mental, social and physical health care services. Our employees are responsible for maintaining a safe, supportive, and person-centered therapeutic environment.  Our success is measured by improving personal growth, self-help skills, and participation in the communities we serve.

We believe your mission and passion for excellence mirrors Beacon’s. Your reputation for coordinating high quality care will be a great fit with us in the future. Together with the strength of your team, we will continue to grow and diversify our services and create new career opportunities.

Beacon has an I-Care Philosophy. We believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities, deserves to be a full member of their community.   We promote the I-Care philosophy with all employees, as we not only support our individuals, but act as advocates for the those in our care.

I– Integrity – Act honestly, speak the truth and deliver on promises.
C– Compassion – Be compassionate, caring and gentle in all that we do.
A– Advocacy – Encourage and invest in new ideas that elevate equality and community.
R– Respect – Encourage a variety of thoughts that reflect the diversity in our markets, customers, and workforce.
E– Excellence – Consistently deliver high quality services that have a positive impact on our communities, our state and our county.

What is the company culture of Beacon Specialized and will it be a fit for me?

Beacon has a company culture of teamwork and open communication leveraging all of the I-Care philosophies.  As we continue down a path of excellent, person centered, evidence – based care for vulnerable individuals we know our efforts will fit together well.

What does this mean for me and my employment status?

There are no plans to remove any positions and over time, some operational roles may change as we improve. We’re excited for what the future holds as we work together.

How will I benefit from being employed by Beacon Specialized Living?

We are the best prepared provider to thrive in the future of integrated behavioral, mental, social and physical health care services. With that comes the benefits of working for Beacon, learning and advancing in a career that is life changing for those who we provide services for. Beacon has developed programs for advancement, educational opportunities, and recognition systems that will be offered to all employees as well.

Will my role and responsibilities change?

Our goal is NOT to disrupt you or your daily workload. Over time, roles and responsibilities may change as we grow into one strong, united organization.  Beacon is committed to growth and staff development. We will be exploring best practice improvement opportunities.  This process has a high degree of employee participation. Your knowledge in operations and best practice is essential to the growth and improvement process.

Will my pay change (base compensation)?

There are no plans at this time to change base wages.

Will the company name change?

Yes, the company name will change to Beacon Specialized Living.

Will my supervisor change?

Initially, the operational structure will remain the same. Our intent is to review all aspects of your operations and leverage best practices.

How will my benefits be impacted?

Because of the timing of your open enrollment and plan year, for now, your benefits will remain the same.  When it’s time, you will have the option to enroll in Beacon’s insurance plans.

Your 401(k) provider will be changing. Beacon’s 401(k) provider is TransAmerica.  The current employer match is 100% of the first 3% and 50% of 45 and 5%.  More specific information on that transition will be released soon.

Have you developed any short and long-range plans?

Our short-term plan is to get to know you and what you do.  We want to meet and spend time with you and the individuals you serve.  We want to learn how you get the job done.

Our long-range plan is to continue to provide care for vulnerable individuals, remain an employer of choice in our field, offer career advancement opportunities to employees, and grow to meet areas of person -centered needs. To achieve this, we will continue to grow and add new lines of service. We are continually assessing our markets, new markets, and changes in healthcare policy to ensure we are prepared to thrive regardless of these changes. We believe we can influence national policy making and gain support and funding to improve access and programming for people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns?

Please continue to address concerns to your direct supervisor. You may also direct any questions or concerns to the Human Resources team.

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