Celebrating Family Love in a Home

It’s a delightful autumn day, sitting in the bright green grass, under the shade of a beautiful elm tree. They look up to see the leaves gently waving in the breeze while enjoying the rustling sounds of the leaves. It’s so peaceful. It’s the exact kind of day the Individuals we Serve need to experience. Why choose Beacon Specialized Living? Because our caregivers are here to ensure and enable a positive, safe experience for all so they can live their best life each and every day.


What makes our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) stand out in an environment where they are helping people with disabilities? Our DSPs tailor life to make dreams come true at Beacon Specialized Living. What our Individuals want to experience is exactly what they get to do, and Beacon also has activities that everyone can participate in. Across the board we have opportunities to help each person grow, learn, and live their best lives.


Examples of Activities for our Individuals include:

    • -Creating and landscaping gardens at their homes
    • -Attend sporting events
    • -Showing off their art skills, whether in a gallery at a Day Program or in a friendly contest amongst other homes
    • -Decorating for holidays
    • -Going to the zoo
    • -Baking in the kitchen for special occasions
    • -Enjoying scenery at their local county fair
    • -Partaking in virtual Spirit Days where homes come together online and do activities together


Nothing is too much for our DSPs, and no request is too great for our Individuals!


Guidance for our Loved Ones

Why choose Beacon Specialized Living? Beacon Specialized Living hires DSPs that go above and beyond; they stand out for their person-centered approach to care, offering individual plans to ensure they are comfortable and their needs are met. That’s because they support their residents and what’s best for their needs. We have DSPs that have been recognized as Heroes for their amazing efforts and talents as well. We maintain homes and Day Programs in several states: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Depending on where you live, our locations help ensure easy travelling to visit a loved one while providing the services they require.


Many times it can be a difficult decision regarding whether or not you should place a loved one in a home. When all the facts are known, suddenly that decision can become an easier decision and everyone is at peace with a positive solution. Why is a Residential Care Home right for your loved one? It gives them the freedom and safety to still live as they choose. There is an article about “The Pot, the Plant, and the Roots” that gives a great example why a home can be beneficial for a family member.


Sometimes our loved ones have experienced trauma and they need a little extra love, care, attention, and guidance. Individuals who deal with disabilities – especially intellectual disabilities, need to make sure they have the right support nearby. Beacon Specialized Living has on-call clinicians and nurses; if anything goes wrong the right professionals are in the exact place they need to be for your loved one’s best care. If you are looking for more information about how to get started with Beacon services read for more details.


The Individuals we Serve enjoy building relationships with their DSPs and their home companions. They get to live their life the way they’ve always wanted to live. Throughout the country we strive to place homes and other programs near communities with access to shops, stores, parks, and other hubs of entertainment and interaction. Say a resident wants to learn how to play an instrument, or music therapy might be a good option for them, there is a program right down the street that provides musical delight and development for our Individuals at a very reasonable rate. If a person wants to have an animal, there are animal shelters just down the road to match the love and care an animal needs as well as giving our person the joy they want to experience with a pet. How about art? Tommy Hennigan thrives with his art in the Pennsylvania area. His hands tell a story through the vibrant coloration and images he creates.


Individuals want to experience life and be accepted in a safe and comfortable environment. Beacon Specialized Living is able to create environments that allow our Individuals to feel just that. When family and friends then come to visit they are entering a home where their loved one is confident, happy, and healthy with Beacon Specialized Living services.

Loving our Family Members


  • Jenn Straka

    Jennifer holds a BA in English & Communications from Western Michigan University, focusing on marketing and sales. With over a decade of experience, she brings a fresh lens to Beacon's events and activities, helping the individuals we serve through acts of kindness wherever she goes.

    Compliance & Marketing Assistant