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October 21, 2022

DailyPay: Get Paid with Money YOU Earn Daily!

Kalamazoo, MI – Beacon Specialized Living has partnered with DailyPay to ensure employees get paid on-demand. All that needs to be done is log into the DailyPay app, see funds, and transfer money to a bank account for immediate access.

What makes DailyPay great? DailyPay helps make a positive impact on employee financial well-being. Many DailyPay users no longer need to worry about navigating a pay day loan from other organizations, often suffering from predatory practices and high interest rates. There is a no-fee access to use DailyPay, and this allows the employee to have full control over their hard earned pay. If a person feels financially secure, wouldn’t that mean reduced stress in life, more engagement with a career, and a happier outlook for family? It’s a win-win!


Beacon Specialized Living cares about their employees. Working in the healthcare industry can be mentally and physically demanding but it can also be rewarding. However, it’s important to ensure employees can leave work at the end of the day with peace of mind knowing they are able to care for themselves and their families. DailyPay is an added value when working at Beacon. Employees do the work and then have immediate availability to their money. DailyPay says “we’re reimaging the way money moves and what that means for the world.” Beacon wants to be part of this to ensure the best for their employees.

Supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental health needs and helping them live their life to the fullest is what Beacon is all about. Always looking for the best resources, providing guidance and training, and ensuring the success for everyone on the team is paramount to our success. Beacon offers generous benefits including DailyPay and career advancement opportunities. Working at Beacon brings meaning to the world. Each person matters and makes a positive impact. That’s why Beacon Specialized Living does everything it can to provide the best and give back to its employees.


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  • Jenn Straka

    Jennifer holds a BA in English & Communications from Western Michigan University, focusing on marketing and sales. With over a decade of experience, she brings a fresh lens to Beacon's events and activities, helping the individuals we serve through acts of kindness wherever she goes.

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