How We’re Keeping
Beacon Residents, Staff, and Homes Safe.

Beacon is in full operation with over 90 homes and 1,000 employees working tirelessly throughout Michigan and Minnesota to contain the spread of COVID-19. Our leadership acted immediately to apply best practices and national standards related to the prevention, assessments and care coordination needs of our residents and staff.


2 Weeks

Minimum supply of cleaning supplies, food (and resident medications) on hand for all homes. Additional stockpiles of supplies have been strategically created throughout the state to support each respective region.

100 + Gallons

Amount of hand sanitizer made by our staff or local merchants.


Professionals hired since January 1, through March 31, 2020 to backfill open positions or to meet increased staffing needs for stocking and cleaning our homes and supporting our logistics and activity programming.


Number of face masks made by our staff volunteers (so far)


Percentage of required trainings converted to digital and completed online by staff!

Active Measures For Safety & Readiness

We continue to closely monitor and manage our physical capacities.We have over 600 beds, supply capacities of PPE, food and cleaning products, and our workforce capacities required to meet the needs of our residents. We are COVID ready and able to support the needs of vulnerable populations needing residential care and community living supports.

Isolation Homes and Staged Intakes

We have over 50 beds in flux at any time across the state that are being used to safely manage the logistics of intakes, transfers or LOAs. When necessary, for new referrals from other providers or facilities that have had recent infection exposure, dedicated beds and facilities are being used as staging homes. Residents are observed for 72 hours (or in accordance with CDC guidelines) to ensure they are free of symptoms before moving into a healthy home.

Any facilities that are attempting to schedule transfers to Beacon must provide well documented monitoring and reporting of required vital signs and symptoms. Otherwise, insufficient documentation will result in denials in order to protect our healthy residents and staff. 

Checking For Signs

We have daily communications with every home, monitoring all staff and resident health for any signs of Covid-19 or related contagious conditions (including strep throat, colds and flu).

These conditions are monitored closely by our nursing staff and Director of Consumer safety and result in actions that conform to CDC standards including distancing them from healthy populations.

Stocking Supplies

Beacon’s Directors of Food Services and Facilities monitor inventories each day and have created stockpiles of essential needs in each region. Each home has ample supplies of food (2 weeks), cleaning and disinfectant supplies, masks, gloves, gowns, thermometers and shields as needed.

Staying Germ Free

All homes are sanitized daily, and all staff have masks, shields, gowns and gloves as needed to protect themselves and our residents. 

Caring For Fragile Residents

We have dedicated staff monitoring our most vulnerable populations that are medically fragile or that have an underlying respiratory or underlying condition. Extra precautions are taken with protective masks and gloves at all times and extra cleaning and social distancing within the home.

Managing Emotional Stress

Our clinicians are supporting both our residents and staff to help cope with the stress, fears or anxiety for anyone struggling through this pandemic. Our clinicians and management teams are also hosting fun events like Charades, Bingo and Spirit Week online using our teleconferencing capabilities that can connect our 90+ homes simultaneously.

Online Capabilities

We have developed 100% of all required trainings online and support newly hired trainees virtually with online conferencing through Microsoft Teams.

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