Collage of Beacon - Minnesota Team Members

Come see what Beacon Specialized Living Services is all about on June 22nd at their booth!

Several team members from Beacon’s Minnesota branch will be attending the Association of Residential Resources for Minnesota (ARRM) conference, set to be held at Prior Lake on June 22nd. This is an annual event that welcomes stakeholders across the state of Minnesota. ARRM is the largest educational event focused on front-line support staff and middle management development in Minnesota, according to their official website.

ARRM is an opportunity for Beacon – Minnesota’s team to have conversations with other people and organizations in similar situations to get new ideas and perspectives, share frustrations and obstacles in their industry, and work to the common good of the whole Minnesota provider population.

“I feel it’s important to attend and support the organization because it’s an opportunity to have conversations with other people in similar situations to get ideas, share frustrations, and work to the common good of the whole Minnesota provider population. Beacon is attending this year specifically to give all of our managers and our administrative folks an opportunity to experience a professional conference where they can go and actually be treated like the professionals they are and have an opportunity to see some good speakers.”

Barb Turner, Vice President of Operations, Minnesota Market

According to Turner, this is now the second in-person conference held by the ARRM Organization since the COVID-19 Pandemic struck in early 2020. “This is the first time I have been able to expand the invitation to that wide of a group of people.”

The Beacon – Minnesota team now has a group of about 40 individuals attending out of a total of around 500 attendees. “It’s awesome how many professionals we’ll be able to take this year” says Turner.

The Minnesota team really pushed to have Beacon represented at the conference for more than just education, however. Another goal is to have Beacon as a whole represented and make people in the healthcare industry aware of the services, name, and mission of our organization.

Collage of Beacon - Minnesota Team Members
Collage of Beacon – Minnesota Team Members

“The last I heard, [ARRM] is expecting about 500 attendees and we have 40, which I think is awesome. Another part of why I wanted to have Beacon represented is to make people aware, people in our industry in Minnesota aware of Beacon, as we are a new name for some in this region, having acquired a company a few years ago, Beacon has not necessarily been around as a name here in Minnesota, so we’re going with Beacon team t-shirts and great attitudes to show how much fun it is and perhaps stir some interest for positions we have available at the managerial level,” says Turner. “Being there, and showing that we are a pretty awesome place to be and work. We’ll have a booth there so that people can stop by, learn more about who we serve and what we do at Beacon – Minnesota, as well as our Hometown services. Hometown staff will also be joining us and participating in the conference as part of that group of 40. We’re super excited to bring them!”

For more information on Beacon’s services in Minnesota, please reach out to Alexander Furman, Executive Director of Marketing, at Beacon is a leading provider of health services for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. For over 50 years, Beacon specialized living has provided coordinated care for individuals with disabilities and mental health needs. Our mission is to provide high-quality, gentle, compassionate, evidence-based care to help the people we serve reach their goals and live rich lives.

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  • Alexander Furman

    Alex has been the Executive Director of Marketing for Beacon Specialized Living since 2021.