Beacon Specialized Living Services, Inc.

Our Programs

We believe being actively involved in the recovery process helps ensure progress...

To accommodate the varied needs of our clients, we offer programs designed to assist clients in their journey toward recovery.

Adult Autism

This is a program designed to work with individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism. The foundation of this program is based on the concepts of Gentle Teaching, including the four pillars of companionship, which are feeling safe, loved, loving, and engaged. It also utilizes the four tools of caregiving: our presence, our hands, our words, and our eyes. By building on this foundation we are able to help individuals served to feel more a sense of community and belonging. Our staff undergoes training provided by The Center for Positive Living Supports in the Culture of Gentleness and we have certified mentors and trainers available. We utilize this program in several of our homes, namely Trolley Center.

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