Beacon Specialized Living Services, Inc.

Our Expert Staff

We are proud to employ individuals with a wide array of strengths, credentials, and abilities that benefit our clients.

Residential Leaders

  • Nita Anderson, Lighthouse View
  • Emily Fairris, Nunica
  • Israel Baker, Anchor Pointe North & South
  • Malka Coleman, Trolley Center
  • John Dodge, Silverview
  • Demetrius Bradford, Kobza
  • Jeffrey Bennett, Breakwater East & West
  • Nicole Hoffman, South Boardman (Lifestyles Program)
  • Suzanne Hunter, Morton Terrace
  • Penny Gillette, Stagecoach Center
  • Patrice Johnson, Pine Creek (Lifestyles Program)
  • Brian Lacitignola, Wavecrest
  • Donna Manary, LPN, Medallion Village
  • Chassidy McCormick, Mission Point
  • Ronitria Jackson, Lakeview
  • Rebecca Johnson, Comstock / Mill Park (Lifestyles Program)
  • Deborah Pinks, The Oaks
  • Ruthann McHerron , Beacon Springs
  • David Schmitz, Briarwood (Lifestyles Program)
  • Amelia Smith, Bayview
  • Jennifer Hamelin, Sand Point and Saunders Point Lodge
  • Leah Gustafson, Nicolet Lodge